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Through my journey in this life I have had many awakenings. Each stage of my life awoken me to different levels. It is in my understanding that life is a series of awakenings. These awakenings bring us closer and closer to our source. We learn our lessons and our minds eye opens wider and wider with each lesson learned.

My personal struggle on my journey was listening to those awakenings and not allowing the ego to take over. The ego is of the human form not of God. The awakenings are of God. After all we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We come into this world as perfect children of God, trusting that all will be provided for us. Some where things begin to shift, and the societal programming begins. This programming moves us away from God our source and closer to the human ego. We begin to worry, stress and rush life. Not trusting that all is well, and that we are on our divinely guided course. Material things begin to take over and spiritual enlightenment becomes a distant thought. The ego puts doubt in the mind that we are not worthy to be close to God. Yet, we are divine ideas in the mind God, we are his beloved children. The journey isn’t smooth sailing all the way. If we keep our trust and faith in God, we will maneuver ourselves through any trials or tribulations with grace and hope. The trials and tribulations are our stepping stones to our growth. That growth is our awakening.

When we come from the ego we struggle. We are presented with the same lessons repeatedly because the ego wants to stay in control and create confusion. The human thinking of the ego is what we have used for most of our lives. It is the go-to for most of us. To begin to shift our way of thinking is the beginning of our spiritual practice. Practice is exactly what it is because it takes practice and focus to change our thinking. Just like learning a musical instrument or playing a sport it takes practice to improve. The shift in our consciousness is not easy, we are taking on the ego and the ego doesn’t want to let go. The battle is real, but the victory is sweet. Going within and tapping into our true self, our divine self is where we find the strength. Call upon God and the angels for the strength and guidance you need and trust that they hear you. It is very important to remember that things happen in divine time not in our time. Patience is key, patience with oneself and the process. The human side of us wants what we want when we want it. That isn’t how it works, we get what we need when we need it.

My life started to become easier, more peaceful and even joyous when I learned to let go of the wheel and let God do the driving. When I take the time to reflect and look back at where I came from and things that I have over come through out my life I realize that God has been there every step of the way. Life is a beautiful thing and it is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Remove the struggle and open to the awakenings that are here for you. Be open and receptive to all that God has for you. You are a divine child of God and you deserve the love, peace, grace and joy that God intended for you.

Peace & blessings,


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  • February 18, 2019

    Very good and I could read the print nicely. That darn ego! Edging out God, I was just listening to a veido on Ego. I just try to stay plugged into people like you when negitve trys to take over. I know I’m accending to the next level, because my teachers are coming to help me, like you…wink.

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