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What does Easter truly mean? Let’s start with the meaning of the word Easter, where did it come from? As I did a little research on the word, I realized like so many other things in history there are different theories. Was Easter taken from the Pagans? Does the name Easter have its origin with the goddess of Angelo-Saxon(s) named Eostre? Eostre is the goddess of the dawn, who is worshipped in the spring by Pagans. There are also claims that the name was derived from the Babylonian goddess Astrate, the symbol of the female, the goddess of love, war, fertility and sexuality. And then it has been suggested Easter finds its root in the German word for resurrection-auferstehung. To me that is the meaning of Easter-Resurrection!
The resurrection of Jesus is what Christians celebrate on Easter. I to, was raised with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and to this day believe in the same. I also believe that it is the celebration of spring, new birth. Resurrection means the act of restoring the dead to new life. This is anything that is dead or in hibernation. Look at the plants that pop through the soil to new life in the spring. They too are being resurrected. How about you? Do you need to be restored to new life?
We all hear about cleanses and detox for our physical bodies, I myself recommend them from time to time to clients and do them personally several times a year. What about resurrecting our input, our thoughts, our words and our actions? Are your thoughts, words and actions dead, not springing forth new life? Do they have a negative effect? A dying effect? Or are your thoughts, words and actions full of new life? Do they breathe life and light into others? During this time of year, this fabulous time of resurrection, let us ask ourselves these questions. If you are not breathing full abundance and love of life, then consider making changes. Breath love and light into all of your everyday actions. Expand yourself with love. Don’t contract yourself in death. Become new and spring into full bloom. Become the butterfly that emerges from the cocoon. Spread your beautiful, colorful wings and fly. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Live it fully and enjoy a new.

I wish you all a Joyous Resurrection Day!

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