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In a previous post I wrote about death and grief. There are many types of grief that we deal with other than death. One grief we feel is when we lose someone because a relationship ends? During our journey here on this earth people come in and out of our lives. When a person leaves it isn’t always a good feeling. It can leave us heartbroken and grieving. We can begin to obsess over the loss and keep trying to figure out what went wrong. If someone walks away from the relationship, it may have just run its course, or it may even be a blessing in disguise. Look at the lesson of the relationship. Did you grow because of it or did you lose yourself during it? Be kind to yourself and don’t place blame. Take time to learn and grow from the experience. Remember that each one of us has our own journey through this life. I know in the beginning when the break up is fresh it can be painful. Allow yourself time to heal and move through the pain, moving forward. If you continue to look back, you will never see where you are going and begin to become stuck.

Some relationships can be healed, and others cannot. How do you discern which is which? Relationships take work from both people involved. If only one is willing to work on healing the relationship, there is a good chance you should walk away. A while back I wrote about unconditional love and how that works for loving yourself, this is when that makes sense. During some relationships you can lose a sense of self. You can become so worried about losing your partner that you do anything you think is possible to keep them and, in the process, you lose yourselves along the way.

Knowing your true self is most important. If you are not comfortable in your own skin and not truly loving yourself than it is easy to get lost in a relationship with another. Take the time to do the work on healing, growing and knowing you. Build your foundation strong in your faith in God. Having that strength of your personal power and your God given divinity that is within you is a solid foundation for healthy relationships. Going into a relationship not being strong with your feelings of yourself will have a rocky foundation from the start. The stronger and surer you are the strong and surer will be the one you attract in to your life. Like attracts like. Be what you want to attract, be strong, be loving, be sure, be honest, shine true love from deep within.

Your life starts with your thoughts, actions and beliefs. If you are not seeing yourself in a beautiful loving light, how will you attract a beautiful loving light? Beauty, happiness and joy are not something that is external, it all begins within you. You can read many books and posts about true joy, awakening, enlightenment, self-growth and spirituality and you find a common thread. That thread is you. So again, look within yourself. Are you at peace? Are you experiencing joy in your life and relationships?

When you heal yourself and grow strong knowing yourself is when you can handle the trials that life throws your way. You will be able to rise after a loss of a relationship. You will learn from it and grow stronger and move on. Life is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it! We are meant to be happy. Are you happy?

If you are dealing with challenges and can’t seem to get out of your own way to move in a positive direction than you should consider getting help. Never feel like you are alone there are many resources and professionals out there to assist you. Find what works for you.

Peace and blessings,


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