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Seeing Clearly

“I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set it free” Michelangelo

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see the angel of God that is within your skin? When you look at others do you see the God in them?

Our souls are the God within, and we all have a soul. Looking at others, seeing past the skin of the ego and looking deep into the soul is a gift. Looking at ourselves and seeing and feeling the God within is a gift. Life is about learning and growing. Growing closer to the gift that is in all of us. We have become so clouded with things around us that we lost sight of the real beauty. The beauty that surrounds us each day. How do we begin to recognize the God given beauty? How do we look past the stress, busyness and discomfort of the world to see the pure?

First, let us start in the mirror with ourselves. Most of us see what we have been told about ourselves and our self-talk. Many of us have heard hurtful, painful things about ourselves over the years. Our society tells us we should look and dress a certain way. Media talks of health and body image that also influences the way we see ourselves. So, when you look at your reflection what do you see?

Practice recognizing the God with you. Can you see the perfect light that shines through? Or is it cloudy? Look past the physical and see your true beauty. It is truly there, God’s perfection within you. Start to shed the layers of self-doubt, unworthiness, and limitation. Clear away the clouds to see the beautiful bright light. Allow yourself to shine. Shine with God’s peace and love that fills your soul. Remind yourself that you are a perfect creation of God. You and He are one.

Look into the eyes of others and see the perfect reflection of God in them. God is everywhere. It is when we open our eyes in faith that we see the world in a different light. When you look for the good you will see it. If your eyes are focused on the wrongs of others in the world that is what you will see.

Start to see the beauty of your soul when you look in the mirror. Once you find yours you will find others.

If you are struggling with clearing the clouds away reach out today to set up a free 20-minute call with me. Sometimes we need a little help to clear our way.

Light & Love,


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