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The Path

Choosing and following our path isn’t always easy. We get to a point in our life and think yes! We know our direction, our purpose, and we begin down the path to our fulfillment. As we are skipping along thinking we have it all figured out we fall and skin your knee. Do we stay down and lick our wounds? Do we wallow in the pain of miss stepping for a moment or longer?

The path/journey isn’t always going to be smooth. Yet, each time we stumble we recover quicker. That is if we are truly on the path of the divine. If we look at each stumble as an exercise of growth, we will become strong and closer to our true divinity. Once again it comes from knowing our soul. Knowing our God or Goddess within us.

There are so many distractions and stressors in the outside world that can easily trip us up along our path. A continuing need to feed our soul is as important as nourishing our physical bodies. How do you nourish your soul? Do you take time for a walk-in nature? Is sitting in meditation what works for you? Perhaps it’s reading a book that awakens your soul further into enlightenment. Doing something daily is what continues to propel you on your path. As you richly nourish the soul it strengthens you to recover quickly from the falls (the lessons) along the way.

Creating the balance between the outside world and the world within is key to divine growth. We all hear about balancing the mind, body and soul. This is what keeps the balance between the inner and outer worlds. There shouldn’t be resistance, it should flow as easy as the tides. Living in harmony doing a beautiful dance through life’s ups and downs.

We all are going to skin our knees along the way. The goal is to learn from the fall and rise with clarity, grace and poise. To continue our path the right path, the soul’s growth path moving closer to God. Isn’t that what this life is meant for, to grow in Christ consciousness to move closer to the next level, the higher vibration.

We are all just passing through this world. We are borrowing the beauty of the planet. So, the material stuff we accumulate along the way really has no meaning. It’s all on borrowed time. So next time your worrying about your “stuff” and how to get more stop and think about what is important and the purpose of the real journey!

If you are stumbling and having trouble getting back up, you may need a little assistance along the way. Contact me today for your free 20-minute call and learn how working with me can guide you along the way.



Photo by Christopher Bruno

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