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True Self

Here we are into the second week of the new year what is different for you? Did you plan on making changes, releasing bad habits, bringing in new positive practices?

Personal change and growth can be difficult, isolating and painful at times. It is when we have the courage to step into to uncomfortable, the painful and the unfamiliar is where growth truly begins. Once we work through those things that we need to clear and heal is when we live a more peaceful, happier life full of divine grace. It is when we reach that point our light begins to grow. What once was a small flicker now is a beckon for others to see.

As we strengthen our spiritual true self, things around us change. We attract more spiritually enlightened beings. Life begins to flow with a gentle ease. However, as we walk this earth as a more enlightened being, we still walk among others that aren’t vibrating at the same frequency as we are, and this can cause us to drain. Therefore, self-care is so important, inner self care. We need to allow ourselves the time to continue our growth and go within, into the silence. Prayer, meditation, reading good uplifting, awakening and enlightening books and keeping a journal are wonderful ways to keep our light shining bright. What ever practice resonates with you is the one for you. If it is divine it will not feel forced or uneasy. Your inner self care is just that, YOUR inner self care. What is right for one is not necessarily right for the other. Some articles and books that you read may be spot on for you, you feel a real connection and others make no sense to you that is alright. Trust your intuition, your divine guidance when it comes to your path to enlightenment. You will know when you are headed in the right direction. Listen and be open to the signs along the way. Remember to always be gentle with yourself and take time. This is the journey of your life not the destination. Go forth with all of Gods good grace and shine bright!

Light and love,


Note: If you have painful healing to recover from you may need professional help to maneuver your way through. You are not alone. Please contact me for a free consultation or another professional that feels like the right fit for you. I send you love and peace.


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