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Expectations and Disappointment

Often in our lives we have expectations on how things should be. Even in our relationships we expect things to be a certain way. When we put expectations on people, situations and outcomes we open ourselves up for disappointment.

Moving through life trusting in divine guidance is the most peaceful way to live. When we don’t try to force things to be the way we expect them than we don’t open ourselves up to disappointment. Riding through life on the wings of faith. Knowing that all is the way it should be. When our ego gets into control mode things become difficult. I know when I write about sickness, death and tragedy and I say that all is in divine order, I lose some of you. But when you sit back and think about it, in the tragedy and sickness there are lessons and growth, in death we are born to new life. So yes, it is in my belief all is in divine order. It is our human form, the ego that makes us think that things should be a certain way. Look at social media, commercials and entertainment. Most of it paints a picture of human ego driven expectations and unrealistic life.

When you begin to feel yourself becoming stressed or anxious, stop and think about God. Say God I know you have a plan and I place this in your hands, and I trust you have me. If, you begin to look to God in all situations in your life things will get better. Remember it is not what you want or how you think it should be. It is in believing in divine order. Take your hands off the wheel and let the divine to the driving.

I know this way of life can be very challenging. But all things come in time with a little practice. When you sit in the quiet and reflect on your life what do you see? Did you make it through times that you thought you never would survive? Did you land safely after a life upheaval? God is always there with you. It is our free will that messes us up along the way. Invite God and the angels into your life. Ask for the guidance and direction. Ask for the healing and the ability to release the control. Truly turn your life over. You can’t have it both ways. Walking in faith always is the way. I have met people who go to church every Sunday and praise God and as soon as they get to the parking lot they forget. God is everywhere in everything and every being. We need to recognize this as we deal with life daily. Loving God and living in true faith is not a part-time job, it’s a life time of devotion.

Become aware of your consciousness and direction. Live moment to moment with God as your navigator. He will be elated that you have come home to him and your life will reflect the grace and joy of the divine love.

Stop the expectations, endure no more disappointment. Live a life that is full of gratitude, grace, love and happiness. It is as easy as knowing and trusting in God.

Peace and blessings,



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