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Finding Direction

I am always continuing my studies in counseling to be able to help more people. While I open myself to new methodology, I have realized that there is a plethora of information, beliefs, methods and styles for just about everything involving healing oneself. I do believe the information highway is a gift and a curse. So much information can be overwhelming especially to those who are feeling lost and not grounded. There is balancing your energy through reiki, different forms of meditation, working with the light to clear your aura, channeling, shamanistic journeying, different forms of prayer, all types of herbs, oils and crystals. Oh my! What is one to do? Where do you begin?

Get back to basics. Find yourself where ever you maybe on your journey. The only way to truly finding yourself is going within, into the silence and connect with your inner god/goddess, your soul. Some maybe so far down the rabbit hole you can’t see a way out. If you are at this point please seek a professional to assist you to sort out the chaos in your mind. You are not alone. For those of you who can quiet your mind and tap into your intuition, your soul, you will know what is right for you in your search for awakening, advancement and enlightenment.

We are always evolving, ever changing and constantly moving. Growth is a choice that we make, and the direction of our growth comes from what resonates with us. What are you draw to? It is my belief that all modalities will bring you to your balance whatever that looks like. For example, if you are having good positive uplifting thoughts and the energy is flowing from those good vibes then guess what your aura will be full of bright healthy colors and your chakras will be open and moving the energy. You will have conversations with your God, angels and guides, which is what prayer is and everything will begin to flow. There is no right or wrong here if it comes from love and peace. If you are moving in anger, resentment, hostility, hatred, or fear the flow is shut down.

The point is what you are feeling, thinking and saying is what starts your direction. Get clear and know. Once you are at this point, you can then advance into whatever excites you. If you want to study Shamanism, Japanese or Celtic Reiki or try different ways to meditate you will be able to and open to understanding.

I have found that most people struggle deciding and knowing what is best for them. Why is that? Somewhere during the journey they have lost sight of God and their divine self. That is what is needed to move freely through your journey. It is the loving divine guidance that one moves away from. So inevitably it is the goal to return to your source to experience a journey full of love, joy and peace. Being strong in yourself and your connection with God is what gives us the ability to move through the trials and tribulations that this world can throw our way. This is what keeps us grounded, staying connected to source is our solid foundation. Build your foundation strong and sure. Know that it is always there within you. Open to the trust and faith that is our divine birthright. Give love, be love and receive love start with yourself and send it out to all who come into your life. Divine love is the thread that holds it all together.

Peace, love and light,


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