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What is stopping you from living the life you dream about? What is holding you back from success? Is the answer you? Is your thoughts and ego getting in the way of being who you want to be?

Growth and success are just outside the comfort zone. It is having the courage to take that first step and break through the barriers that we put up for ourselves. Yes, it is us who prevent us from our happiness. Where do your thoughts go? Do you ever stop and listen to what you are thinking? What are you saying to yourself? Perhaps it is in our programmed subconscious mind that throws up the blocks, but it is coming from us.

How do you begin to change? Trusting in knowing that God has you. He is there through everything we go through in this life. The challenges are our gifts for growth. These challenges may begin to arise when we take that step outside of our comfort zone. They are our stepping stones and through prayer and faith we will climb without slipping. The thing about faith is it cannot co-exist with fear. So, ask yourself, am I truly believing in faith or am I fearful?

People ask me how to do that, my answer is you just do. There is a period of a reprograming process that takes place. Our thought process and reactions are so embedded in our memory and mind that it is a natural habit to return to fear-based thinking. Being conscious of our thoughts is a start. When those negative fear-based thoughts begin to surface say stop! Then turn to prayer, thank God knowing he has your back and a plan for you. Gods plan isn’t always what we think it should be, being able to accept what you are given is part of it. He doesn’t punish us, he loves us and if you are going through tough painful times ask what is in this for me? What is it that I need to learn here?

It is my belief that our lives are based on what we need to learn and what we teach by our actions. Our suffering and the way we handle it can be a lesson for those around us. We are vessels of Gods light and love. When you say your prayers ask how I may be of service, what is your divine purpose for me God. Living in Gods light and love is our path to him. I know that I like to walk as closely as possible in the light of God. When you allow Gods light into your life it stops the EGO driven fear and worry. The light begins to strength and the EGO begins to weaken. Happiness and change come from within us. If you are struggling in life get honest and ask the hard questions. Make the changes in the right direction. It is your life and we always have free will. You can live in drama and be the victim or you can live in peace and be victorious!

My peace and blessings,


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