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Unconditional Love

What is unconditional love? I think that first and far most unconditional love should start with oneself. We all have the tendency to be our own worst enemy. Criticizing and being full of self-doubt and insecurities. Why not start with loving yourself with the kindness, gentleness, compassion and understanding of unconditional love. We often are so quick to give it to another and not ourselves.

We give unconditional love freely to others and sometimes at the expense of losing ourselves. Have you ever been in a loving relationship that seems to be one sided? The kind of relationship that you are always doing the forgiving and you are always the one who is understanding to the point that you begin to lose yourself? This is where the unconditional love gets confusing. If you love unconditionally can you do it and release those you profess to love unconditionally if the relationship turns abusive? The answer is yes! We can love unconditionally and release that person from our lives and continue to send love and prayers.

Therefore, loving oneself unconditionally is so important. When we truly love ourselves first, we will be free to love others unconditionally. It is that unconditional love for oneself that gives us the ability to know when and if we need to release those we love unconditionally from our lives.

No one should ever stay in a relationship that is abusive or one that smothers or changes who we are. If we are not able to be our true authentic self in a relationship, then it is not a healthy relationship. Even if we love the other person in the relationship unconditionally, we need to have that unconditional love for ourselves first. So, we can have strength and wisdom to know that we can release, let go and still love from afar.

When I was younger and not as wise or loving myself unconditionally, I stayed in relationships way to long and lost myself. I lost myself because I never took the time to know and love myself first. It also was my misunderstanding of the meaning of unconditional love. I would ask myself, if I love him unconditionally how can I leave him. I have since learned that I can still love with the greatness of unconditional love from a distance. That unconditional love is still alive in the prayers I say and the good thoughts that I send out.

Each person and every relationship that we have during our life time is presented to us for strength, lessons and growth. We all walk through this life on our own journey. There are times that others walk beside us and times that we are on our own. No matter if there are others beside us the journey is ours alone. We enter this world as a single being and leave as a single being. Bottom line is that the journey is our own personal journey. It is when we understand the meaning of unconditional love that our journey gets a little sweeter. It is when we walk in the light of the unconditional love of God and spread it around that we live in God’s grace and feel true joy within.

Many of us seek outside of ourselves for the peace, joy, happiness and love. It is all inside us. If you are struggling in trying situations, go within. Silence the ego and listen to the divine guidance. Take the time for yourself. Learn who you are, learn what it is that sparks your inner light and love. Once you know yourself you will begin to know others. Once you love yourself unconditionally then you will be able to honestly give others unconditional love. Remember unconditional love does not come from sacrificing yourself. It all starts with you!

Love and light,


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