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Intuition is the spark within. We all have it, but do we all tap into it and listen? You know that gut instinct, the first feeling you get when you meet someone or deciding on doing or buying something.

What happens to us after our intuition kicks in? We tend to go into our head and over think. So, this means our ego driven mind is stronger than our intuition. How do we strengthen the intuition? It is like anything else it takes practice and knowing how to exercise the feeling. I also think that at times we don’t like what our intuition is telling us because our humanness wants what we want when we want it. That always is when we get in trouble or create challenges in our lives.

Begin and practice, ask questions and listen to the gut. You know the inner knowing.  You must start somewhere and strengthen and grow from there. As you practice listening to your knowing it will become stronger and will push back the ego mind. The ego mind is that false comfort zone. You know it’s comfortable because that is what we are used to doing whether it be right or not.

Our intuition is our divine guidance and when we learn to listen our lives begin to have meaning and purpose. We have the choice between divine order and free will. Things around us will begin to change as we begin to shift our direction and follow our divine guidance. In the world today this seems to be a challenge for some people. When we are bogged down with stress, business and hurriedness we don’t take the time to breathe deep let alone go within.

This is all connected to living in the moment, being in the now, divine consciousness and living on purpose. Everything I write about pretty much says the same thing just in a little different context. Connecting to source, spirit, God knowing that it is within you. Everything you need is within you, love, peace, happiness, grace, contentment. So, go within and find your bliss!

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