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We all nourish our bodies with food, and we nourish our minds with reading, working, problem solving, etc. But what do we do to nourish our souls?

It is a mind, body, soul connection and all must be nourished in order to be in balance. Let’s first start with healthy nourishment of the body. I know we all eat but what is it that we eat? Are you fueling your self with chemicals, pesticides and nutrient void foods? Garbage in garbage out. If we don’t nourish ourselves with nutrient dense foods our bodies will fail us, we won’t be a peak performance and we will be going through our day tired and sluggish. We want to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean clean proteins along with healthy fats in a healthy balance and proportion. Most of us use excuses for not eating healthy and one of those excuses is money and the other is time. Let’s talk about money. It isn’t that expensive to eat right, plus it is a win if it keeps us out of the doctor’s office and off prescription drugs. There are many co-ops and farmers’ markets in the world today, check your area. Also, most supermarkets have selections of organic and local grow produce. There are some produce that doesn’t need to be organic and some that does. To find out which is which look at the dirty dozen and clean fifteen guide. https://www.greenmatters.com/p/2019-dirty-dozen-clean-15

Organic may not always be available or cost too much for your budget so here are some tips for washing your produce to remove pesticides. https://www.tastingpage.com/blog/how-to-wash-vegetables-fruit-remove-pesticides

Now let us look at how we are nourishing our mind. Daily tasks are optimal for keeping the mind moving. Some of us may have to many things swirling around in our minds, this is where I would recommend list writing to assist in staying on the task at hand. Being present in the moment working on one task at a time. We also entertain our minds with movies, reading and music. When making a choice in those areas be sure to choose what’s best at that moment in time. Keep a balance between inspirational entertainment, comedy and fantasy.

This brings us to the soul. How are we nourishing our soul? Or are we nourishing our soul at all?

Prayer is one of the highest forms of soul nourishment, the other is meditation, entering inward in the stillness. We can be mindful and say prayers silently through out our day. Starting our day with a prayer of gratitude gets us going in the right direction and sets the tone for our day. It could be as simple as saying thank you for another day before our feet hit floor. Prayer doesn’t have to be a formal ritual every day, it just needs to be a part of our day in some form. I am not talking about asking for help, I am talking about gratitude and thankfulness. Being one of love and seeing the abundance in life and not focused on the lack.

Meditation also doesn’t need to be some formal crossed legged, high on the mountain top, yogi type ritual. It can be as simple as connecting to your breath. Moment by moment it is our choice on how we move through life. Being mindful and recognizing where our focus and thoughts go is how we nourish our soul. The more we nourish our soul the easy it all becomes.

Peace and balance,


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