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Only You Can Change Your Life

Someone many years ago said to me that my life is my book and if I don’t like the direction the story is going then rewrite the chapter. I thought about that repeatedly. It is truth, we can change the direction our lives are going. One must first be willing to make the changes and do the work. I hear many people make excuses for why they can’t do this or can’t do that and that is just what it is, excuses. I say get out of your own way and make it happen.

There is a common thread to all I write and that is, it starts with you! You have it all inside of you. First you must clear away the clutter. The clutter of past hurt, resentment, anger, heartache, blame, and fear. This negativism can be so deeply rooted that you may not even be aware that it exist. These blocks do prevent us from being truly happy and being able to rewrite the direction of our life.

I work with many people who have themselves so far down the dark abyss that they are unaware that they are there. It takes time, commitment and a willingness to want to change and move through any pain that may surface in the process. Breaking the chains and busting out of the self-imprisonment.

Are you willing to make the changes to true happiness? To be able to glide through life’s ups and downs without fear, stress and despair. The standard life can be a comfort zone. Meaning it is easier to continue the way things are and not clean house.

We are all works in progress and change does not come as easy as flipping a switch. We are energy, and energy is always moving and changing. In what direction is your energy moving? Are you moving towards the light of the divine, or are you spiraling down in the darkness? Are you willing to take the leap and start looking within and uncovering the buried emotions that could possibly be holding you back from your true happiness?

It is my belief that we all have some form of damaging trauma. This trauma can be as simple as a negative comment that has stuck with us through our lives creating a negative belief about ourselves. These traumas carry through with us regardless of how big or small they are. They affect us at a cellular level, so deeply embedded that you are unaware they exist. Therefore, it is a process to uncover, heal and be able to change the direction of your life. 

God wants us all to be happy. The pain and the process are presented to us for our own growth. If things came easy to us, we wouldn’t be appreciative or be aware of how good feels, if we didn’t feel the opposite. There are no bad days, just learning days and we need them. How boring would life be if we were happy all the time? You may laugh about that last sentence but think about it, how complacent would you be?

If you are tired of the life you have and feeling the way you do, then are you ready? Ready to dig in and learn who you truly are and what life would be like if you are willing to do the work, heal, grow and release yourself from the chains that hold you back?

It is my hope and prayer that you are ready to become the true you and not the person that society and others may have projected on you.

Peace and blessings,


Note: I am available for free phone consultations to get you moving in a positive direction. Take the time for yourself. YOU are worth it!! Email me now and get the process going. wellnessmary@gmail.com


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