Mary, a Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Counselor, and Intuitive Empath

Hi, I’m Mary.

Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive Empath

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am Mary, a Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive Empath. Whatever search brought you here, may your answers be found, and your needs be met.

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Be the change you wish

to see in the world.

About Mary

Mary is an ordained minister who works with her guides and angels to assist others in finding their peace and true divinity. This is her vocation and her work always comes from the highest, most loving place for those she is working with… Learn More

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Spiritual counseling

Drawing on principles of positive psychology and awareness, spiritual counseling helps guide you to your life purpose and enlightenment.
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Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Mary uses her clairsentient and clairaudient gift to intuit through the cards for any concerns you may have in your life, including relationships, finances/career, personal development, and other areas.
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Dee B.

Mary is knowledgeable and easy to talk to! I learned so much about my health and how to achieve my goals through our work together.


Tracy R.

I was having difficulty making important life decisions. Mary is very intuitive and offered sound advice to help me work through the decision process. She is supportive and confidential


Mary is awesome...so much knowledge and ever so personal...the real deal...Mary knows her stuff!!

Roxie C.

Mary took the time to explain what she would be offering to me. I was comfortable with her, not stressed or self-conscious. That is very important to me. My reasoning is: how could I possibly live this part of my journey if I wasn't comfortable with the person assisting me?

Dawn K.

Mary is wonderful to work with. She is very professional and knows what she is doing. With her guidance I have been able to change my life and live every day to the fullest.

Greg F.

Mary has been an amazing blessing to me and my life. She has helped to guide me and enrich my growth as an individual in many aspects of my life.

Angel R.
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